The development of our trust

The work of our trust is underpinned by a deep moral purpose – to make a positive difference to the lives and life chances of the children we serve.

As we build on success and seek to make a difference to more children, it is likely that our trust will be asked to support more schools. We are clear that any future development depends on staying true to our moral commitments, including:

  • Ensuring we have the right skills & capacity to support new schools and their pupils before we do so;
  • Remaining deeply committed to Vantage’s vision and hallmarks – namely our ‘tested’ approach to school improvement and the learning goals we all share;
  • Maintaining a strong sense of ‘locality’, so that our leaders, teachers, and pupils continue to experience the benefits of being part of a wider learning community;
  • Maintaining the high expectations we have for every school and individual across the trust;
  • Remaining highly accountable both to one another and to the authorities that oversee the work we do. We must ensure that governance is strong, skills-focused, and representative at all levels of the trust.

However, as we look to the future, we must also be adaptable – including by learning from others and being prepared to change. We will:

  • Build stronger relationships with other sectors – including charities, local business, and higher education institutions. We want these relationships to help us to be even more creative and make an even bigger difference to our children’s learning and experience of school;
  • Commit to further growing, developing and recruiting the very best leaders, teachers and support staff. We will develop the roles and capacity – both in terms of school improvement and business development – for our trust to grow sustainably and successfully. Vantage training will continue to anticipate career development opportunities for staff and provide relevant professional development for this;
  • Ensure we communicate changes and developments clearly and regularly so that everyone across our trust understands what will happen and how it affects them.

The future is very exciting and our trust has so much potential to make an even greater difference. However, we will stay true to our moral purpose and we will be prepared to manage change with a strong focus on seizing the opportunities for even better learning.


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