Learning and Curriculum

Learning and Curriculum at Vantage Academy Trust

The Vantage trust is a learning community. Our curriculum is constantly being developed and updated by expert teachers across our schools so that it remains exceptional and engages and inspires every child. Our delivery of the International Primary Curriculum, our teaching and learning methods and our teaching timetables are consistent across the trust, ensuring that every child has access to the highest standards of learning within Vantage.

This consistency in approach allows teachers to work together to share their best ideas and learning resources so that every child in our schools benefits. Children across our schools are also able to work together on joint projects, to learn from the work of their peers in other schools and share feedback with them, and to share common experiences such as exciting school trips.

Learning is a never-ending process, through which we can continue to grow and to discover a world of opportunity and potential.

The hallmarks of learning across Vantage are:

  • A shared timetable, with sufficient time devoted to literacy, mathematics, wider learning & play. The timetable is based on evidence and our experience of what great learning looks like. Every school places an emphasis on learning in the mornings, with dedicated time for mathematics, literacy and numeracy lessons. We also ensure there is adequate time for play and rest, and a 3.15pm finish in every school.
  • A consistent approach to teaching and learning in every school. Every member of teaching staff is trained ‘in house’ to deliver the Kagan pedagogy and the rigorous International Primary Curriculum. Teachers are expected to share best practice, resources and ideas for improvement with colleagues across Vantage so that every child benefits from the best we have to offer.
  • The International Primary Curriculum forms the bedrock of learning across the trust.